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Metal Hardware is the latest addition the Resurgem Engineering arsenal. Our aim is, and always will be, to deliver the best products at the cheapest possible price. We’re so committed to this that we will match any cheaper online price (if you can find one).Metal Hardware is only just starting out, and we are continuously adding new products to our line and improving delivery times. We are not limited to the products in our catalogue and are constantly adding and updating them. If you have a specific requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us, our team of experts will respond to your enquiry as quickly as humanly possible.

Metal Hardware along with our two sister companies Resurgem Engineering and Just Stainless we can offer you a wide array of bespoke metal works. Please come and visit Our Showroom:

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  • Best Seller
  1. Standard Angle Bead
  2. 8mm Glass Rubber Insert for Glass Clamps
  3. Robe Hook
  4. Render Stop Bead
  5. Small Angle Bead
  6. Handrail Bracket
  7. Tube Hinge with Quick Release Pin
  8. 2 Piece Spindle for Split Follower
  9. Valley Forge Oval Cabinet Knob Rose
  10. Deep Dome End Cap
  11. Rain Chain
  12. Round-back D Glass Clamp for 10mm Glass
  13. Handrail Bracket
    In stock
  14. Round Butt Hinge
  15. Dummy Spindle for Lever on Rose

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Image of door hinge



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